Cop Some AZ’s And an OZ

Cop Some AZ’s & an OZ

By: Joe Szalinski

content warning : drugs

Of course he’s late, I thought to myself, as I kicked small stones out of my path, en route to the bodega up the street.   I’d been ripped away from the fantastical realms of Borges to reup—some books are better enjoyed stoned—and my asshat of a dealer was keeping me mired in this murky reality for far too long. Once inside the store, I withdrew a couple hundred. A text arrived. “Gonna be a little longer. Sorry.” Accepting my fate, I bought a couple iced teas, and shot the shit with the cashier until the plug pulled up.

Joe Szalinski is a writer/performer from West View, PA. He is a graduate of Slippery Rock University and posts a video every Sunday to the Instagram account @poetry_hugger.

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