constellations of love

constellations of love

By: Kaja van den Berg

I want to swallow the sun
bite into it like a fresh apple
sweet like your kiss on my lips

the only place my feelings hide
is in my mother’s good night songs
I echo her features in the mirror
like a scream calling back
from mountain tops

my tears give birth to the moon
rip open the night sky like a present
awaited for so long

I count the stars like daisy petals
hoping that when I am done
they will tell me you are loved

Kaja van den Berg (she/her) is a twenty-something bilingual writer and blogger from Germany. She’s an enthusiast for rain, books, art and people. Her work can be found on her blog http://www.ausdemakö, Apropos Magazin, various other lit mags, and on the lithe EP by FRANKLY SAID.

Find Kaja on @Kaja_vdB on Twitter and on @kaja_vdb + @ausdemakoerbchen on Instagram.

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