Neutral Days

Near the northern end of our city,we meet, often in one minute cafeto sip bitterness liquefied, and nod at itsrather a Spartan decor, its walls’ limemortar grouting; the wall between us sees itself on a looking glass;the blood seems always high on a thinnerbearing steroids pushed to skirmish againstwhat we now cannot recall, and soContinue reading “Neutral Days”

Two Streams

When a stream of envymixes witha stream of disappointmentat myself,a fire of desire for broken futurebegins to burn on my skin This whirlpoolleads me to the darkest loneliness,makes me emptier,andfascinates me strongly Yuu Ikeda is a Japan based poet.She loves writing, drawing,and reading mystery novels.She writes poetry on her website. published poems can be foundinContinue reading “Two Streams”

ode to this particular peach

my cheeks are sticky with laughterand something even brighter…the trickle of the evening suntrailing down my chin.I come to life while I cupthat orange sweetness,my fingers dig,my mouth becomes an altar.I could worship the feelingof pulp beneath my palms,the last slivers of it shiftinglike snakes in the kitchen sink. Sanjana Ramanathan (she/her) is an EnglishContinue reading “ode to this particular peach”