I Sent My Ghost to the Party

I Sent My Ghost to the Party

By: Jenica Lodde

Body stayed home and read three pages of a book and
sixteen Facebook memes,
went to bed early.
Ghost Me brought two bottles of wine,
scattered joy like a new queen tossing coins to the crowd.

She didn’t smile a half-baked smile
or speak in a crosshair-thin voice,
didn’t run out of words and 
spend forty-five minutes watching Dr. Pimple Popper 
while everyone else played games. 

Ghost me was as cool as a housecat 
eyeing fish shadows in a garden pond.
She entered the conversation on hawk-strong wings,
saw threads of thought like shimmering tinsel
picked them up and wove her own pattern back in.

She was everywhere at once like a hummingbird,
moving fast and in color.
Body wasn’t jealous and didn’t miss her.
Sometimes talk is a storm.
The blankets were sweet:
they erased all of the clatter.  

Jenica Lodde is a poet based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Her work had appeared in Gravel SWWIM, Word Fountain, River and South Review, io, Third Wednesday and others. Her verse memoir a verse memoir, GO My Own Way, is forthcoming through City Limits Publications. She had one chapbook, Emotional States (Finishing Line Press, 2020). Her yard is overgrown with dandelions and tall grass, much to the chagrin of her neighbors.

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