maraschino cherry juice

maraschino cherry juice

By: Melissa Martini

rose-tinted sunglasses sour the ocean water to strawberry
lemonade, pink and perfect, sucked through a bendy straw
between your rosy lips, precisely pressed and puckering,
popping bubblegum against your blistered beehive tomb.

the night’s salmon-stream sunset is scarlet-laced and cloudy,
whipped cream and meringue dolloped atop shortcake skies.
the grenadine oozes out of you like you’ve sliced skin,
but when he laps up your maraschino cherry juice, you wince.

Melissa Martini (she/her) is a short fiction writer and Capricorn from New Jersey. She studied Creative Writing in both undergrad and graduate school at Seton Hall University. Currently, she serves as Founder & EIC of Moss Puppy Magazine and is staff at the winnow mag. She can be found @melissquirtle and her publications can be viewed at She has three dogs, all of which are fluffballs.

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